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Fair and accurate utility billing for commercial properties

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How does it work?


We install E-meters on your building. No need to turn off power. Electricity data is uploaded to cloud.


Tenants pay you monthly for electricity usage. We manage bill delivery and payment collection.


Benefits: > 12% IRR, ROI in less than 5 years, 20% increase in building revenue, and AB802 reporting.


Accurately bill your tenants

Tenants are invoiced using rate schedules and line items published by your local energy utility. As prevailing rates change, your tenant bill will automatically reflect updated rate, tax and time of use (TOU) charges.


New revenues

Above 12% IRR (internal rate of return) and a ROI in under 5 years. Expect a 20% increase in building revenue when adding Solar or Wind to the solution.


Energy reporting

By carefully reviewing your energy usage, property owners can make $ by selling  electricity generated onsite and reducing overall energy usage. Our meters meet AB802 energy reporting requirements.


We work for you

Energy311 will install meters and IoT devices to upload energy data to the cloud. We handle all the billing and collection details, ensuring you quickly earn back your investment and more.