About Us

Energy311 (E3) delivers energy billing and collection services to maximize profits on renewable energy generation and help build a cleaner, more distributed grid.

Our customers include cold storage, industrial and manufacturing warehouses, shopping centers, grocery stores, medical centers, office buildings, grow farms, and other high energy consuming enterprises. We also partner with project developers and independent power producers.

Why Energy311?


We maintain a data accuracy program to check that we’re offering bills that are as close to perfect as possible. Our team is made up of expert rate analysts, and we have over 40 years of dynamic data experience to support our reliable electricity data reporting.

Patent Pending

Our algorithm takes rate schedule data, current or historical, for any public utility in the country, and combines it with 15m interval data collected from smart meters provided by the local utility company, SolarEdge®, Enphase®, AlsoEnergy®, EKMMeter®, AccuEnergy® and others to produce "to the penny" accurate bills, that mimic the local utility company's look 'n feel.

Customer 1st

Above all, E3 is committed to customer success. We've automated the details of bill production and collection. Our web portal stores past bills and tracks payments, accepting ACH payments, credit cards, etc. We replace the reviled local utility customer service with a "white-glove" customer experience. We are available to answer bill and payment related questions from both property owners and tenants.


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Alex Shah - CEO
Alex Shah, Founder & CEO
Alex has over 20 years of software leadership experience and 15+ awarded patents. Prior to BE, Alex founded GardenAnswers, a plant recognition app, which sold to GardensAlive in 2019, Facedouble, a face recognition technology, which sold to Avigilon in 2015, and BlueTitan which sold to SOA.com in 2005.
Sam Litvin - Marketing
Sam Litvin, Marketing
As an engineer, scientist, entrepreneur and graduate of Kellogg School of Management, Sam has a keen eye for marketing, strategy, technology, and the ability to inspire and communicate the complex in a simple way. His purpose is to get organizations to operate at their potential and be leaders in the global transition to a green and sustainable economy.
Daniel Colman - Sales
Daniel Colman, Sales
Experienced Senior Energy Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the renewable and environment industry. Skilled in Solar PV, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and charging infrastructure, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Energy Efficiency.
Chuck Myers - Advisor
Chuck Myers, Advisor
With 20+ years of experience as a CEO, Chuck has been integral to operational processes concerning profitable investments, as well as acquisitions for startups & multi-billion-dollar organizations. His passion to consistently drive growth through global leadership & corporate restructuring, allowing for seamless M&A processes.
Parand Darugar - Advisor
Parand Darugar, Advisor
Parand is responsible for the big data and machine learning efforts at Coupa. Prior to Coupa he was founder and CEO of Xpenser, a mobile expense management solution, acquired by Coupa in 2013.
Stan Kim - Advisor
Stan Kim, Advisor
Stanley Kim is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. His colleagues warmly refer him as an eclectic or parallel entrepreneur having founded several technology (healthcare and software) companies that develop products which enhance or better people’s lives.
Dennis Becker - Advisor
Dennis Becker, Advisor
Dennis has more than 20 years of experience building, financing, and acquiring enterprises redefining the way technology and business interact.
Marie Phillipp -
Marie Phillipp, Partner
Commercial energy consultant for Stellar Solar. Stellar Solar is a leading California residential and commercial PV solar design and installation company with over 12,000+ installations across Southern California.
Philippe Hartley - Advisor
Philippe Hartley, Partner
Founder of CleanFinancing.com. CF builds the capital stack for projects from small non-profit commercial scale to industrial plants and solar farms or regional scale projects.